shake on linux

To install Shake we download three files (55MB) from the Nothing Real web site: the license manager (lmutil.Z, 184k), the application (shake-linux-v2.46.0116.tar.bz2, 28MB) and the tutorial (shake-tutorial-v2.46.0116.tar.gz, 26MB):

gunzip lmutil.Z
tar xvfj shake-linux-v2.46.0116.tar.bz2
tar tvfz z/shake-tutorial-v2.46.0116.tar.gz
tar xvfz z/shake-tutorial-v2.46.0116.tar.gz
./lmutil lmhostid

Just to double-check, we used the tell switch with tar to see what it would do before doing an extract.

The lmutil program echoes a 12-digit license-manager host ID. This host-locked ID code must be sent to Nothing Real in order to receive a two-week trial key code (key.dat). Copy the e-mailed key to the specified directory, start X and run Shake:

cp key.dat shake-v2.46.0116/keys/

Unless you already know Shake, two weeks isn’t much time to learn about this complex tool.

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