Nord modula g1 first steps

However! I can teach you a fun trick that will add value to your G1. Go to ebay and find a Boss DR-5 drum machine, you should be able to get this for about $60. It is just a ROMpler drum machine with backing tracks, not much sound editing, although it has some fun features for jamming out chord progressions quickly, because it was designed for guitarists. And because it was designed for guitarists, it also has a guitar input. And it has a guitar input because it has a pitch follower…which means it will convert incoming single-note pitch data to MIDI Note+pitch bend info.

So how does this affect you? You put it next to your G1, and connect one of the 4 G1 outputs to the Guitar input of the DR-5. Then you put the DR-5 in external pitch mode, and plug one end of a MIDI cable to the DR-5’s MIDI out, and the other end to Something Else in the studio. If in doubt, connect it to your computer. Then you set up a G1 patch with a sine oscillator connecte to one of the outputs – the same one you connected to the DR-5. Now you connect LFOs or envelopes or sequencers or whatever you want to the sine oscillator inside the G1. Whatever you do to modulate the pitch will be translated in MIDI note + pitchbend data by the DR-5. You can decide whether or not to put an envelope between the oscillator and the output for note start/stop rather than continuous; if so use a simple AHR envelope with attack and release set to almost zero (to avoid glitches at the beginning and end of notes). And now your Nord Modular G1 can control other gear via MIDI.

Many synths allow you to set pitch bend control over note pitch to zero and assign the pitch bend signal to something else, so you could trigger notes and use the PB data to control something else – you’ll need to turn down the modulation going into the sine oscillator so that it bends less than 1 semitone. In the G1, use an OscA module, set KBT to zero, put 1 modulator (envelope, sequencer, LFO) into the leftmost pitch input and set the knob to 127; plug another modulator in the the second pitch input (not FM) and set the knob to 1. The pitch-tracking in the DR-5 is fast and accurate, and by sending it only a sine-wave oscillator ensures it won’t choke (other oscillators will make the pitch tracking less accurate due to harmonics).



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